Deer Camp 2016/2017

In honor of deer season, we've set up our own Deer Camp. Here you'll find our venison processing prices, information, and great recipes!
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24hr Deer drop-off available. The deer cooler is around back of the building.

The Best Deer Processing in the Country!
  • Deer Jerky
  • Deer Summer Sausage
  • Deer Breakfast Sausage
  • Deer Bologna
  • Deer Peppered Sweet Bologna
  • Deer Summer Sausage w/Beef
  • Deer Summer Sausage w/Cheese
  • Deer Bacon
  • Deer Be-Bobs
  • Deer Summer Sausage w/cheese and Jalapeno
  • Deer Smoked Bratwurst w/Pepper Cheese
  • Deer Snack Stix
  • Deer Snack Stix w/Cheese
  • Deer Snack Stix w/Cheese & Jalapenos
  • Deer Italian Sausage
  • Deer Fresh Bratwurst

Getting your deer processed is no big deal. You can take it anywhere. But it may taste like it's been everywhere. There's more to making deer taste good than the simple ability to make it look like sausage. When you bring your deer to Woods Smoked Meats for processing, you get the country's finest sausage makers, University-trained to make sure your deer tastes great!

"Ed's one of the elite processors in the world. He has a great mind when it comes to translating formulations into appealing products."

Stephen F. Krut, Executive Director American Association of Meat Processors Elizabethtown, PA

Want the proof? Well, that's in the taste, too. We use the same recipes that have won Blue Ribbons and State Championships throughout the country. Some deer processors cut corners and add straight fat to your deer sausage instead of good fresh lean pork trimmings. The taste and quality simply isn't the same. When your deer is processed at Woods Smoked Meats, you get a taste that's truly unique, truly fine. And all our products are vacuum packaged! No one else does it that way. Of course, there's only one way to find out.

Bring your deer to Woods Smoked Meats for processing into sausage, bratwurst, jerky, bologna or stix. You'll be glad you did!

Whole Deer Processing Deposit $75.00
Carry In Trimmings Processing Deposit $50.00
Deer Skinning $30.00
Cape Mount $50.00
Cleaning Fee for Home Skinned $10.00
Processing - on dressed carcass weight .99/lb.
Processing - Quarters - to bone & process $1.19/lb.
Summer Sausage - International Gold Medal Winner $3.19/lb.
Summer Sausage w/Cheese $3.29/lb.
Summer Sausage w/Jalapeno & Cheese $3.39/lb.
Summer Sausage w/Beef $3.49/lb.
Deer Jerky (yield 50%) $3.89/lb.
Deer Snack Stix (yield 80%) $3.99/lb.
Deer Snack Stix w/Cheese (yield 85%) $4.09/lb.
Deer Snack Stix w/Cheese & Jalapenos (yield 85%) $4.19/lb.
Deer Bologna $2.89/lb.
Deer Peppered Sweet Bologna $4.19/lb.
Deer Smoked Bratwurst w/Pepper Cheese $2.99/lb.
Deer Fresh Bratwurst $2.89/lb.
Deer Breakfast Sausage $2.89/lb.
Deer Italian Sausage $2.89/lb.
Deer Bacon $3.19/lb.
Deer Be-Bobs $2.89/lb.

All sausage prices include pork or beef, seasoning, and vacuum packaging, with the exception of the jerky, which has no pork or beef added.

We process several hundred deer every season and make several thousand pounds of various sausages every year. Please allow 1-4 months for your deer order to be filled. We will give you a phone call or drop you a card when your order is ready!

We will not guarantee your order of sausages to be ready by Christmas.
Approximate White Tail Deer Weights
(All Weights in Pounds)

Live Weight
Field Dressed Weight
Carcass Weight (w/o head, hide, feet)
55 40 28-33
63 50 36-41
76 60 44-49
89 70 52-56
102 80 60-65
114 90 68-73
127 100 77-82
140 110 85-90
153 120 93-98
165 130 100-105
178 140 108-113
190 150 116-121
203 160 124-129
216 170 132-137
229 180 139-144
241 190 147-152
254 200 155-160
266 210 164-169
280 220 172-177
292 230 180-185
305 240 188-193
317 250 196-201
These figures are only used as guidelines to help the hunter to know more about his deer and what to expect from it. The numbers are close estimates obtained and tabulated from processing deer for over 20 years.

Factors Affecting Carcass Weight & How Much Meat You Get

How fat was the deer? Fatter deer yield heavier carcasses but most of the fat is trimmed off during processing.

How many times was the deer shot? More holes, more damage, more loss of meat due to trimming.

Where was the deer shot? Rump or loin shots destroy a lot of edible meat and ruin entire muscles.

Where is the bullet exit hole? Where the bullet exits the deer always destroys muscle tissue.

Broken and Shattered Bones You lose large amounts of meat due to bone splinters in hind leg and shoulders.

Was the carcass hot or cold? As deer chill, they lose moisture & their weight decreases.

How far is neck skinned down on cape mount? Large bucks have large amounts of lean meat in neck, you must cape down to top of head to obtain most meat possible.
Missouri 2014 General Deer Regulations
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