Seasoning Combo Pac

Item# 925

Product Description

Woods Rib Rub - low salt, low sugar. A special blend of spices specially formulated for ribs that contains a kick you will love and will want to tell others about. (6 oz. jar)
Deluxe Steak & Chop Rub - A coarse dry rub that is great on pork, beef and salmon.(6.5 oz. jar)
Mesquite Rub - If you are into achieving that ultimate Texas flavor, then this is the rub for you. Works especially well with brisket. (6 oz. jar)
Deluxe Chicken Rub - Great on poultry, baked or grilled. (5.5 oz. jar)
Steak & Prime Rib Seasoning - A must for any steak on the grill, also compliments your beef roast or prime rib. (8 oz. jar)